So what can I tell you about myself?

I am a happily married mom of four twenty-something sons, each a colorfully unique star in my universe.  My husband is a jokester, a bear of a loving man who endlessly teases us all. Though my boys are grown I still share in the joy of their adventure. My family is love.

I teach.  I wish my students a solid life foundation. I believe that connecting with each other as human beings is an essential skill. Self-confidence and self-awareness are as important in life as any academic knowledge. I use laughter and storytelling, movement and skit building. I encourage communication and expression.

I love theater.  I have relished my own stage experiences and love sharing the joy of performance with my students. Providing an opportunity for someone to shine is a gift. Nurturing theater kids is a rewarding, chaotic, happy privilege.

I read, and by that I mean I read a lot.  My imagination is lively, electric and consuming.  I am working on becoming more physically energetic but admit that working out is more trial than triumph.  I prefer long wilderness walks where I can imagine fairies peeking out of the greenery to a sweaty jog or lifting weights.

My friends are an eclectic lot.  I favor interesting unique characters to the ordinary.  I am lucky enough to know some really great people. I am glad you stopped by, because you may very well become one of them!