New England foliage is amazing in October.  The golden and orange tones intertwined with vibrant reds and greens present so beautifully against a sparkling  blue sky.  It is fall.

I am in the autumn of my life.  Granted it is still early fall for me, but my time on this planet is evolving.  I enjoyed my spring years, lively and awkward.  My summer was full of love and laughter, peppered with the adventures of raising a family.  I have had some challenges as we all do and celebrated so many joys.

It is hard to recognize the passing of happy years, but fear of aging is a waste of time. Especially when there is always something new and wonderful to appreciate in each particular place and moment you occupy in your life.

Autumn brings a profound appreciation of the things we take for granted in our youth. There is a hint of a chill in the air and we know winter is ahead, which somehow makes us appreciate our campfires all the more.  I listen so much more carefully to the happiness in children’s voices.  I let more of my cares drift away on the breeze, allowing them to flutter away as I recognize how unimportant they are in the larger scheme of things.  I savor the hugs and kisses, the smiles and conversations.  I feel art and music. I let my imagination move freely, words and connections simpler yet more meaningful.

Because I have faced loss I hold what I now have dear. I see the past with new and wiser eyes.  I use my time more thoughtfully, turning my attention to those things that matter most.  Nature calls to my senses. I often stop simply to breathe the fresh air and give thanks that I am here.  Sunlight on the water and dew on the grass lift my mood.

I have always been family centered. The frantic schedules, crazy balancing and teen angst have quieted.  Children are now adults, fully immersed in the unpredictability and excitement of life on the cusp of summer. I listen and comfort, enjoy and advise from a calm corner. I give whatever I can to smooth their roads. I revel in the solid feel of my husbands body curled against me in the quiet hours of the morning.  A cup of coffee, a hearty laugh, clean soft sheets and colorful small details create my nest of comfort. My family is home.

The vital green of life, rosy warmth of family gatherings, oranges of surprise and yellow sunshiny anticipation of grandchildren weave into a beautiful tapestry. The tree of life is an age old symbol and it is apt.

I have lived through seasons turn. Autumn’s colorful grace carries the meaning and appreciation that youth lacked.  I am at peace, wholeheartedly grateful for the golden years.



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