Novel Confession

Okay, okay, so I admit it.  I love a well written romance novel.  Even more I love a great fantasy series, one that creates an exciting new world packed with colorful beings. Elves, faeries, wizards and mystical creatures are my jam.  Paranormal romances?  Oh yeah. Vampires, magic wielders, ghosts and grave minders…I devour every page.

Do I have a degree in English?  Yes, I do.  I have analyzed multiple poets, scrutinized Shakespeare and visited Milton’s Paradise Lost. I have written essays, hundreds of them, on what makes a certain piece unique or memorable. Yes, I really do understand what makes a literary piece withstand the test of time. I even went to grad school. I am an educated adult. So?  I like to indulge my appetites.

Lust is an entertaining concept.  Who doesn’t like to fantasize or exercise their imagination?  My mind travels to new kingdoms and I vicariously live through characters whose world experience is vastly different from my own, yet whose emotional rollercoaster rides are relatable. Obstacles are faced, dragons vanquished or in many cases unexpectedly prove to be the hero. I love surprise and excitement. Don’t you?

These books are trite, you argue.  Stereotypical sometimes.  Shallow, lacking true artistic flair or literary depth.  Yes, some books fit this criteria.  Others are like undiscovered treasures simply waiting for you to unearth the wonder.  George RR Martin has been busy proving that such adventures can be vastly entertaining , just as JRR Tolkien did in the past.  How fortunate we are to live in a time when endless reading choices are available to all.  There are so many amazing authors, teeming with originality, vision and literary talent.

If however, you are too full of your own importance and are busy being a literary snob, you will never experience them. I still revere Shakespeare and Poe.  I am not cheating on the classics.  My education only enhances my appreciation. I can love Geoffrey Chaucer and J.R. Ward at the same time. The Bronte Sisters were but a beginning.  Sherrilynn Kenyon, Nora Roberts, JK Rowling and Laurel K Hamilton… the list and scope is endless!  The best part?  They all bring pleasure. More than you can imagine. Shocking. I know.

Though they suffer the slings and arrows of educational misfortune, the fact is popular books are popular for a reason.  Be adventurous.  Dip your toe in the scandal pool. Indulge. Cater to your whimsical side.  Read, and read whatever you want without fear of judgement. Adventure, imagine, explore, escape but go…entire worlds await.

fantasy 2

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