We all chug along day to day minding our schedules and getting life accomplished.  For some the focus is on family responsibility, for others an occupation. Bills need paying, children have needs, spouses have expectations.  There is always that one thing we can’t seem to get to: the dishes that should have been done, that last homework assignment that needed more time than you allowed, the car that really needs an oil change. There aren’t enough hours in the day.  There is always more that could have, should have or won’t get done. We move these items to the following day’s list, and keep on keeping on.

Step off the treadmill.  Take a much needed detour.  Ditch the schedule, if only for a day or two.  Why?  Because you deserve it.  Life is short and our lists too long.  We usually place our own need to relax and unwind at the bottom of our priorities, if it even makes the list at all.  How glorious the moment you choose to sidestep your ordinary path to pursue the destination of your choice.

For me today that choice is to add an unexpected day of relaxation at a lake.  I don’t have grand plans or any predestined things I have to do.  I am taking a day to recharge the battery of my soul, to simply be quiet, rest and relax.  I might read and will most likely swim, eat when I feel like it and let my mind wander.  Televisions and telephones are unnecessary.  I wish to be totally unplugged from the daily routine.  I am breathing and watching the sky. I am. That is all I need for today.

The peace reminds me to appreciate the things I often take for granted.  My mind drifts along at a lazy place, remembering moments with family members that brought me joy. The cool water on my skin is a gift on this muggy day. I float with the lake breeze gently caressing my face.  I dry off when I am ready and sip a coffee, appreciating the green and blue hues of the pines across the way.  A gorgeous blue heron takes flight and soars above me, its elegant wings gracefully flapping.  A child’s laugh echoes over the water.  The sun’s gentle warmth feels good on my skin.

From days like this in my past I have learned a few things.  The bills will still be waiting when I return. My house will still need cleaning.  Yet nothing will worsen in my short absence and much will improve.  Upon my return I will re-enter the fray refreshed, with renewed focus.  I will attack my problems with a more positive attitude, and accomplish whatever needs to be done. The sense of inner peace and balance that my detour restored make me more effective.  My sense of humor and perspective will be renewed. Any lingering negativity in my life will have diminished, dimmed by a renewed sense of strength and hope.

Nature and solitude are my well of refreshment, but there are so many ways to rejuvenate yourself.  Perhaps a long ride in the car is your answer, or a day shopping or at the beach. Picnics, a good book or flying a kite can work as do an hour in the garden, or a night out with friends.  Whatever lets you connect with your best self, whatever reminds you of your inner child is an appropriate option.  Even if you can only steal an hour here or there the reward is worth it.

We work to treat others in our lives with love and respect.  We should do no less for ourselves.  There is no place for guilt in this process.  It is not only okay to take time simply for your self, it is an important part of well-being.  The world deserves a rested, refreshed you at your best, renewed and ready to shine.  Let that laundry pile wait one more day. The world will not stop spinning. You can pick your schedule back up whenever you are ready.  Most of it will wait if you let it. Go ahead.  Take some time. You deserve it. Sidestep. Take a spontaneous detour. It is glorious!


lake sunset

Shoreline with pine trees and rocks, Sand Harbor, East Shore, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. USA

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