Dying Young

Today we put my cousin Todd to rest.  He died at age 26, riding an ATV through the woods that he loved.  A truly tragic end, leaving not only his family but scores of friends shocked and heartbroken.

Time ran out. As sad as we are, I celebrate knowing Todd. He was a uniquely beautiful soul who inspired many.  He packed such vivid adventure, such loving relationships into each moment that was his.

Todd was the definition of free spirit.  He was incredibly bright but not a traditional student.  He preferred to learn subjects that interested him most and spent his time pursuing his passions. He hiked, snowmobiled and boated among his many outdoor activities. He took time. He appreciated animals, sunrises and greenery.  He was openhearted, welcoming new friends, cheering successes and comforting loss.  Every spare moment was spent inviting people into his circle, sharing the freedom of the river and the beauty of the woods. He instinctively knew the importance of celebrating life.

Todd’s grin was infectious, the twinkle in his very blue eyes irresistible.  He worked and played hard devoting one hundred percent of his energy and self to myriad undertakings.  He was not ordinary. He was unconventional, adding color, warmth and laughter to every conversation, pushing the boundaries and creating new spaces.  Todd embraced nature, planetary and human. He loved and was deeply loved.   His generous spirit and humor were a gift.

And that is the measure of a life- not the number of years we have but the impact our being makes upon the world.  Todd packed more living into 26 years than many do in a lifetime.  He was a brightly burning candle, illuminating love, adventure and gratitude. He was family and friend who touched and inspired many. His life was short but his spirit boundless. May the angels welcome him home.


2 thoughts on “Dying Young

  1. Every word was so perfectly put. I knew Todd from the ahe of 15 and he was truly 1 of a kind. My heart goes out to everybody that he knew and loved. He will be missed everyday. May he fly high with the angels and watch over all of us til we meet again. Love you Toddles!!!


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