You Fool

Have you ever walked two blocks on a crowded city street with your skirt up in the back? Ever tripped onto a stage while making a theatrical entrance?  Wet your pants at an inconvenient moment?  Dropped a tray of drinks and heard the bar cheer?  I have.

Embarrassment stories are fun to share.  I am sure you have a few of your own.  Have you ever given someone else a laugh by admitting your unsavory moments?

We all fear public ridicule.  Yes, we can get embarrassed when we are alone but the true indignity always comes when someone else witnesses our foolishness.  We are taught from a young age that there are certain behaviors expected of us.  Stepping outside of accepted boundaries is frowned upon. Yet circumstances conspire so that we don’t always live up to expectation.  No one is immune from embarrassment.

That is why it is important to laugh, especially at ourselves.  Laughter keeps perspective. The truth is that embarrassment is usually a short-lived experience.  It proves that you are human and make mistakes.  It also proves that the moment passes. Survival is possible. Yes, the unthinkable happened but now it is a memory, one that might considered from a certain perspective even be funny.  Why weigh yourself down with angst and negativity? So you colored outside the lines, had a momentary lapse of judgement, embarrassed yourself.  Don’t we all?

How boring life would be if every moment were ordinary.  Embarrassing moments are like the fluorescent threads in the tapestry of our lives.  I like being extraordinary.  I am frequently serious and sober minded. Yet sometimes I am utterly silly and suffer profound lapses in momentary judgement. Admitting such brings freedom.  I am not ashamed.  I revel in the heights and depths of my existence, marveling that I am often successful. I can also fail, and that is perfectly okay.

We are frequently our own worst critics.  Moments of embarrassment looming large in our memories are forgettable to others- well, most of the time.  So you lost your bikini top in the pool.  At least it is a memory that brings smiles for others if not yourself.  Life as you know it did not end.  The sun will rise tomorrow.  Could have been worse. At least you were wearing bottoms. Now you have a story a share. You are gloriously human.  Enjoy the experience.



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