Case of the Sillies

Lofty thoughts are great to share.  Politics are intriguing.  Seriousness has its place. But we need to remember the truly important value of being silly.

Yes, downright silly.  A good belly laugh lightens the soul and makes you remember why you should treasure every moment.  Kids are great at this.  They know how to let their cares drift and enjoy the absurdity of the moment.  Bathroom humor? Hilarious!  Tickle fights? The best!  The worse the joke, the better!  Kids will let their hair down, get dirty and just enjoy being alive.  We lose this ability sometimes as we age, giving worry too much power over our day to day life.  Spend time with a child, and it will all come back to you.

We need to stop being offended and learn to laugh at ourselves.  Why obey social rules 24/7?  Go splash in a mud puddle. Wear something funny.  Scream for the joy of it. Climb a tree. Why?  Because you can.  Because you want to.  And because there doesn’t always need to be a why.

I love my community theater group because I get to play pretend.  I can do outrageous things and have a good laugh. The stranger the character the better the experience. I have been people nothing like myself doing things I would never dare.  It is freeing. I tackle comedic feats with panache in front of full houses, not caring if I embarrass myself .  I count on being silly and love every moment of it. Theater may not be for you.  So go build a crazy fort or have a snowball fight.

Fun is underrated.  Offset your woes with a good time and balance comes back to your life. Of course it doesn’t make problems go away.   Yet you will feel so much better for giving yourself room to breathe that problems seem less soul-sucking and more manageable.

Stop worrying all the time. Why care what other people think? Take a moment that is fun for you. Being an adult has  its perks, but acting like a child brings a special joy.  Don’t be an old stick in the mud.  Get out there and laugh!

laugh baby

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