Casual Look

A statuesque blonde strolled by me in the parking lot today.  Maybe forty years old she had a lithe body attired in black tank top and lycra leggings, sweater casually knotted at her hips.  I envied her relaxed gait and perfect posture. Her confidence was magnetic.  She cared not at all how anyone looked at her and because of that people looked.

I went blonde once on the age old theory that it would be more fun.  My husband really liked it which brought a few perks. Overall though, I did not feel more elegant.  I was not instantly more attractive.  It was not an uplifting change. The mirror just reflected a platinum head of hair.  Far from feeling like a model,  I suddenly experienced the urge to snap chewing gum and take orders in a fifties diner.  I felt silly and artificial.  I felt uncomfortable.

I am not a beauty snob. I  wear makeup. I have no problem with any hair color or clothing style. We all try different things.  I have spent money, more than I will ever admit, and time on silly feminine foibles. My skin is pale and my siblings naturally have much lighter hair than I.  Going blonde should have been a great experience.  It just wasn’t. This look didn’t fit.

I am a natural brunette.  I admit sometimes I add a little auburn now that grey has begun sneaking in.  Darker hair suits me, at least to my own eyes.  Because I like it I feel more confident.  I feel more myself.  I do not have perfect posture or an enviable figure.  But I do have my wit, and humor and compassion.  I am intelligent and purposeful.  I like myself.  Like the lady I passed today I too walk with a spring in my step.  I won’t be sporting the lycra look in public any time soon, but I am glad I got to share a smile with someone today who really wears that look well.  And she smiled back, at little old brunette me.



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