Life in This Moment

Today I learned the fatal diagnosis of an acquaintance.  We are not friends, yet her life story affects and moves me. It concretely ripples outwards into the consciousness of those she has met, more than she will ever know. We are all connected. Life can be cruelly unpredictable and we are distracted so often by the mundane.

I am late on my car payment. She has two more weeks to spend with her daughters.

Perspective in life matters. At the end of the day all the minor difficulties we face mean nothing. What are we busy complaining about? Our place of employment? Monetary situations? Current weight? Our squabbles?  We need to stop complaining and start understanding.  We need to reach out and fill our days with what matters.

Love and human connection.  That is all.

End of life is a scary proposition. When everything has been stripped from you, including your state of being, what is left?  Bonds of affection, memories of lives connected in a meaningful way. This is a woman who pours love into her family.  She will remain in their hearts. She has many friends. She will live on in memory.

Her life has touched me. I admire her strength.  She has bravely faced and fought her illness and shown true courage in handling her responsibilities. She has confronted and embraced hard truth.  She lives and loves. She will be robbed of extra time, but will leave knowing her life had meaning and purpose.  Two beautiful girls will continue to grow in her physical absence, perpetually strengthened by her legacy of spirit.  I sorrow for her. This was not her life plan. Yet she is finishing her time here with grace.

I sit on the periphery of her existence, a mere acquaintance but one glad to have known her.  Without her ever knowing, she has impacted my life by reminding me of many truths: Value each moment and love as hard as possible. Be grateful. We are so much luckier than we ever acknowledge. Time is opportunity.  Life is a privilege. We need to stop worrying about car payments and what the neighbor thinks.  We are alive. Celebrate, laugh, savor, appreciate. Experience. Meet each day with an open heart. Every moment counts, even this one.





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