Fat Fit

No one wants to see me in a miniskirt.  Or a midriff halter.  Or, God forbid, a bikini. Thanks to 2016, a time when equality in all things is expected, I do have these options in which to display my girth. This is not a bad thing.  Many bigger girls seem to appreciate it. I have seen them and they are proud. It is simply not what I want.

Stylish is not the same as flattering.  Trendy does not equate with appropriate. Current size demographics (pun intended) indicate that we Americans are a hefty population. Much attention is being given to plus size clothing. We are no longer marketing tents in which to hide and that’s great, though you can still find a brightly flowering mumuu if that’s your thing.

Shopping for a dress for my son’s wedding, I visited many sites which offered everything you can get in a size 2 modified and tailored to fit anyone up to size 28. Okay. I can choose the same clothes as a skinny model. Hooray, I guess? But it has been my experience that not much that flatters a size 2 looks stupendous on a round middle-aged mom.  The dresses I ordered simply didn’t work.  A friend custom made my gown.

Perhaps I am exceptionally difficult, but truthfully I believe there are many who share my feelings. I am not ashamed of my size. I want to take pride in my appearance. I want to dress appropriately for my age and career. I don’t wish to mimic a runway stick or pretend that I am twenty. Nor do I wish to hide away as a dowdy matron. I simply want to be the most vibrant, attractive me I can manage.

Yes I live now, in 2016.  That can be reflected in fabrics and color choices.  I yearn for simple clean lines, clothes made to flatter the actual shape I sport. Visually slimming?  All the better!  Emphasizing my curves?  Possibly, but only if highlighting the right ones.  Jelly rolls pouring over painted-on leggings?  Not so much.

I am not looking for equality in fashion, but fashion equal to the needs of my life.

Elegance. Class. Something in which I shine…not through sequins or satins, but rather a comfortable ensemble with flattering fit and color suitable for the occasion. Modern design has improved. We larger lovelies do have options.  Let us increase those choices. Designers, if you are listening, please stop upsizing size twos. Design for the Larger Market.  Your efforts would be so appreciated!

fat cinderella


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